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BBB Customer Reviews: 
I had Military Air out to my home after Hurricane Harvey, My home was flooded completely, They checked my zip code to see if it fell within the disaster discount for AC equipment, Which i did they got my equipment and installed me the very next day , It was the best price out of 3 bids i had received and they where the only company to tell me about the disaster discount. This company is A-1 , the office is very polite and helpful got me scheduled quickly, Scott came out and explained everything to me and got me set up with a discount i did not even know about, The installer Cody that came was very knowledgeable and very respectful of my home. All together it was a wonderful experience i would highly recommend them. 
Review By: Craig Bronfin (craig[email protected]) - Zip Code: 77067Submitted: 01/02/2018


BBB Customer Reviews:
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"Reliable, good quality work, family business that takes great pride in their work"
Review By: Ines Behrens ([email protected]) - Zip Code: 77388Submitted: 02/12/2018

 BBB Customer Reviews
I have been using it military air for about five years, they have maintained my system perfectly and even replaced two systems for me working with my insurance company. They are outstanding.
Review By: Mark Folloder ([email protected]) - Zip Code: 77077Submitted: 02/12/2018

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Hal Stermer

Wonderful customer service and quality work. Cleaned out all the over-flowed water and was charged just for a service call. Also diagnosed the problem and I was told what needed to be done in the near future in order to avoid future problems. I would highly recommended this company.

​​Sangeeta Ballal

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in the last week-
Military Air was assigned to me via my home warranty. They followed up very quickly and were able to send someone to my house within 48 hours. The tech they sent (Jonathan) was great! He was very knowledgeable, friendly, and thorough. He stayed as long as it took to make sure that my heating system worked properly, which gave me peace of mind​

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​​They did a great job. Thanks for all the support and customer service you showed me and my family. The office scheduler called me to schedule a appointment for the same day( she was very sweet I think her name was chanel) When the tech arrived ON TIME he let me know what all what was going to happen. The office manager Loretta called me to let me know they were going to get my a/c working again. She is awesome!!!!!! He fixed it right away!! Me and my family had a great sleep that night with the A/C working like a champ. THANK YOU FOR GETTING THIS SCHEDULED SO FAST AND WORKING AS A TEAM!!! I don't really write reviews but this company needed one.​​​​​​

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After my last house, my husband and I swore we would never allow ourselves to have 13 a/c related service calls in 5 years on another house. While a home warranty can work for you, they seldom care about the standard of service you receive. I have to say that I was pleasantly surprised when Scott, owner of Military Air, showed up at my home. He was friendly, informative, willing to do anything to fix our problem. When I say "fix" I mean FIX! We walked through everything with us, and explained it all. He made recommendations, and they led us to zoning our home. I couldn't be happier that my hjome warranty sent Military Air to my home. It was a great experience, and we will never call anyone else! thank you, Scott and Jacob.

Sara B. 

Dave Hineman
5 reviews
3 weeks ago-

I was first introduced to Military Air through a home warranty call. They did a wonderful job for me. The next warranty job, on a different place, was covered by another AC company and it did not go well. I found out that the home warranty company wasn't using Military Air any longer. So I cancelled the home warranty and continued to use Military Air for all of my service calls. They have always given me excellent service and they go the extra mile to make sure that my problem is solved, every time. Military Air has always stood behind their work and I feel that the quality of their company and service is the best in Houston. I never get the "up-sell" treatment here; I get honest people doing their best work for a fair price. Once I found that, I have no need to call anyone else!​​

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​Thanks for everything you have done for us! It's been a pleasure meeting you, we appreciate all you have done!
Thank you,
Chrystal & Margaret Zink

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Cortney Hill
I am a new client of military air and i am astounded by the service i got. Not only was the office manager friendly and quick with my estimate,but the technician gerald was an excellent attribute. He was punctual and very polite upon entering my home. It didn't take gerald long to find the problem with my ac and he fixed it quick. Gerald allowed me to accompany him to see what was going on and he let me ask as many questions. His answers and friendly attitude made it to where i will always call military air if theres a problem with my units. I will definitely tell my friends and family about them as well.
Thank you so much Gerald and Military Air​

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Very professional service. Scott and his team do an excellent job of explaining what needs done and completing the service in a timely manner. Highly recommend this company.​​
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These guys are always so responsive. They have done so much for my family, and they never hesitate to come out when we call. It was a shock to find such an honest, friendly company in this industry. The owner is great, and he hires quality people. This is a compa y I would recommend to everyone regardless of their AC needs. Fair and competitive, but also honest and hard-working.

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After 2 bad experiences with HVAC companies, I finally found Scott & Loretta. They totally understood my wants and needs and did a fantastic job. They were in and out in less than 3 hours and installed 2 5 tons units. Plus they gave me a great warranty & 2 yrs of free service checks.